Día del alumno

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some decorated cookies on top of a wooden table with thank you teacher written on them
some cookies are in a box with writing on them and decorated to look like letters
Thanks Teacher Cookies
some school supplies are laying out on the table with scissors and pencils next to them
Galletas decoradas para el cole
some very pretty decorated cookies in plastic bags
some cookies that are in plastic bags on a table
Back to School Cookies
colorful crayons are lined up in a row on top of an old book
Пряники на День учителя|cookies for teachers day
some cookies are wrapped in plastic and have tape measure marks on them, along with red ribbon
Back to School Round-Up - Cookies for an A+
four decorated cookies on a table with ruler and apple, heart shaped cookie cutters
Back to school
a box filled with lots of different types of cake in it's wrappers
a row of different shaped erasers sitting on top of each other
two packaged cookies with thank you and teacher appreciation written on the top, one in red
four pencils wrapped in cellophane and tied with ribbon on top of each other