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Magnetic Connection Bracelet
Difficulty: Medium Supplies: • White Micro Paracord • Imperial Red Micro Paracord • Pink 550 Paracord • Kumihimo Disk • Magnetic Clasp • Super Glue
Which Paracord Is Best For You?
an alarm clock with the words building a daily rhythm with small kids
Quarantine Hobbies
Despite the circumstances, people are finding they have a lot of time on their hands these days - what will you choose to do with yours? #quarantine #crafting #DIY #hobbies
two ropes that have different colors on them and the words natural vs synthetic rope written in black
Natural Vs Synthetic Rope
Check out our latest guide about the differences between Natural and Synthetic Rope!
someone holding a rope with the words common misconeptions about paracord
Common Misconceptions about Paracord
Is all paracord really created equal? Read more.
seven knots everyone should know about
7 Knots Everyone Should Know
Learn 7 essential knots everyone should know.
a piece of twine on a cutting board with the words, why typer is the most useful thread?
Why "Type 1" Is the Most Useful Paracord
the words how to get chosen for monday medley are shown in many different pictures and colors
How to Get Chosen for #MondayMedley
Learn more about the Monday Medley with our newest blog post.
the monkey fist size chart is displayed on a table with scissors and other tools around it
Monkey Fist Size Chart
Use this chart to determine how many passes of paracord you need to cover different sized cores.
Read the blog post at Paracord Bracelets, Bracelets, Metal, Metal Buckles, Buckles, Buckle, Plastic
Plastic Shackles vs Metal Buckles
Read the blog post at
there is a small red and white object on top of some blue material with the words monkey fist ideas
Monkey Fist Ideas Blog Post
Get some Monkey Fist inspiration with this blog post.
a poster with the words should you buy paracord? and an image of a spiral
Should You Buy Paracord?
there are several buckles that have been placed on the table to show what size they should use
Which Buckle Size Should I Use?
This is one of the most common questions we get asked. If you're a beginner crafter, you might be wondering what size of buckle you need for your project. In this post, we talk about our different buckle sizes and when to use each. Buckle up!
a red rope attached to a blue plastic object with the words 4 knot's every paracorder needs to know
4 Knots Every Paracorder Needs to Know
As a paracord crafter, I think we all know how important knots can be. We use them with every project we make. Whether it's the weave itself (ie. Snake Knot and the Cobra is even a knot) or a way to start or end your bracelet, without a doubt, you have made a knot before.
a knife sitting on top of a backpack with the words wrap it all around it
Wrap It All! Paracord Blog
One of our most popular posts here at Paracord Planet is Wrap It: 5 Ways to Wrap a Handle with Paracord. To celebrate the arrival of our new coreless paracord, we thought it was time to give you a more complete list of ways that you can wrap things in paracord.