Monumento Natural Islotes de Puñihuil, Isla de Chiloé, Chile.
San Pedro | Comuna de Purranque, Región de Los Lagos, Chile.
Cataratas do Iguaçu, Brasil.
Puente Yelcho | Carretera Austral
Corrales de Pesca de Isla Capehuapi, Región de Los Lagos, Chile.
Bosque Fósil de Punta Pelluco (playa Pelluhuin)
Sin fronteras.... en Valparaiso, Chile.
Paola Bravo - Google+
Atardecer en ciudad de Corrientes, Argentina.
Puerto Montt, Región de Los Lagos, Chile.

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Iguazu Falls, BRAZIL side.                              …
Elowah Falls, Oregon - i think i've pinned this spot before but JUSTLOOKATTHIS. why wouldnt i pin it again?!
Linton Falls drains into Linton Lake which is a popular destination along the McKenzie Pass corridor. The lower falls are visible across the lake. The waterfall is very difficult to reach. Oregon
Celebrate Brazil - the designers, the food, the romantic locations and colors.  Let's get the feel
AIguazu Falls, Brasil | See more Amazing Snapz
Spectacular Skogafoss, Iceland. A must see for me, in the golden circle, just as stunning even without the beautiful rainbows I bet. you could spend forever chasing those pots of gold, or just enjoy that view.
Foz Iguazu Brasil - 2011
✯ Iguazu Falls, Argentina-Brasil
Iguazu Falls, Argentina-Brasil