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a model of a house made out of plywood planks on top of a table
Loft Curacaví
a close up of a desk with drawers on it
a black and white photo of a person walking in front of a building on the grass
the table is made out of plywood and wood
proyecto Reserva Ecológica Oasis de La Campana
an artist's rendering of the entrance to a house with two people standing outside
Quincho Viegas
an artist's rendering of a person standing on a balcony looking out at the mountains
Osvaldo Cardemil (Nautilus Constructora)
Proyecto casa Cruz-Céspedes, Reserva Ecológica La Campana
a man standing next to a bike in front of a tall metal fence with vertical bars
proyecto casa Montagnon-Fernández
a model of a building on top of a table
Osvaldo Cardemil (Nautilus Constructora)
proyecto Nico-Paula
Lima, Art, Film Posters, Movie Posters
the word nautilus is written in red and black letters on a black background
an array of white pixelated objects on a black background, all in different sizes and shapes
three diagrams showing different sections of the building and its surrounding area, with trees in the foreground
Osvaldo Cardemil (Nautilus Constructora)
an architectural drawing of a house in the middle of a field with grass and trees
Osvaldo Cardemil (Nautilus Constructora)
an architectural rendering of a building with people walking around
Osvaldo Cardemil (Nautilus Constructora)
a drawing of a house with a person on a bike
Osvaldo Cardemil (Nautilus Constructora)