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an upside down street sign on the ground
30 audaces y simpáticos ejemplos de bienvenido vandalismo - Cultura Inquieta
a colorful object sitting on the ground next to a pole
Lego Patchwork
three people climbing up the side of a brick building with their shadows on the wall
3D Street Art – Arte Urbano en 3D
a red box with an octopus face painted on it's side and the words, before
33 раза, когда гениальный вандал сделал город лучше, веселее и уютнее
a manhole cover on the side of a sidewalk with an artistic design in it
30 Random Acts Of Genius Vandalism
the bird is sitting in the cage on the side of the building and before it was painted red
Un artista urbano conquista con su descaro las calles de Nueva York - Cultura Inquieta
a drawing of a fish in the middle of a sidewalk with words awkward moments on it
Street Chalk
the silhouettes of people standing in front of bar code
Galería: las imágenes de humor virales de la semana
a bunch of plates sitting on top of a drain
Reinvenciones de Chema Madoz -
a parking lot with numbers painted on it and the words hopscotch just got a bit more hard core
A Robert Gligorov le gusta provocar - Cultura Inquieta
a pole on the sidewalk with numbers painted on it
11 ideas para jugar con la luz del sol (y sus sombras)
three penguins sitting on top of a metal railing next to each other in front of a concrete wall
Nette Brunette. CatherineWalter (@Nettebrunette) / X
a yellow box painted like a cartoon character