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a person holding a cell phone in front of the ocean at night with lights on
luna llena
people are swimming in the ocean at sunset
my first love was the ocean
an easel with a painting on it in front of a house and potted plants
art gallery
a sign on the side of a brick wall that says plaza de tertullas musicales y litererias
a woman sitting at a table with a plate of food and coffee in front of her
haciendo tareas en un café
two pieces of paper are hanging on the wall
dans mon coeur <3
ma douce tasha
a picnic table with food and wine on it in the middle of an open field
día de otoño
(aunque no lo parezca)
an open door leading to a bedroom with a view of the ocean in the distance
casa de campo
the inside of a restaurant with lots of food on display in glass cases and wooden shelves
vintage store
nuts and other stuff lol
my favorite bit of london London, Bags, Shopping Bag, Shopping, Reusable Tote Bags, Door Company
notting hill
my favorite bit of london
an open box filled with lots of pictures and art work on top of a wooden table
some food is sitting on a blanket near the water and flowers in a wicker basket
cinnamon rolls, tea & gossip
many different pictures of young women posing together
2014 vibes
an open book with writing on it next to a laptop
favorite things
taylor swift - read - books - all too well - the seven husbands of Evelyn Hugo
a large screen with the words gitmore girls on it in english and spanish
gilmore girls
watching series