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a drill is being used to make wooden furniture
Keith Johnson Woodworking on Instagram: "K.I.S.S. #customfurniture #customwoodworking #shopsounds"
a wooden dresser sitting on top of a hard wood floor next to a black vase
Xiomara Bates •Home decor •DIYs •Furniture makeovers on Instagram: "Don’t know how to update your veneer furniture? Here is what I did to transform these veneer nightstands. I sanded them with 220 grid sand paper. I used two colors to create a more natural look . First ash wash paint ( ) remember you always have to dilute it . I did 1 part paint and 4 parts water to create a thin water base wood stain. After my paint wash was completely dry I went over with antique oak by @generalfinishes and wiped it off right away . Then I use behr paints matte polyurethane to protect and seal my pieces . ————- #furnitureflip #beforeandafter #furnituretransformation #diyhomedecor #diyhome #diyprojects #woodworking #howto #learning #furnituredesign #furnitureflip #furnituremakeover
the kitchen is clean and ready to be used as a dining room or living room
Alexia Villa ✨ on Instagram: "Trop content de notre îlot central de cuisine réalisé à partir d’un buffet et d’une vieille porte (que nous avions conservée lors de la rénovation de la maison) 🤩 Pour le reste des produits : 👉🏻 Les équerres et la bombe de peinture viennent de chez @castorama_france 👉🏻Le vitrificateur vient de la marque @v33_officiel Et le prix dans tout ça ? 🤗 En sachant que nous avions déjà le buffet trouvé sur @leboncoin pour 60€, le reste de la fabrication nous aura coûté une centaine d’euros ! Je pense qu’on ne peut pas mieux faire, et le résultat est incroyable ! T’en penses quoi? 🙌🏻 #ilotcentral #decocuisine #cuisinevintage #bricolagemaison #autorenovation #maisonancienne #bienvenuechezmoi"
a woman kneeling down next to a dresser with a video camera on top of it
Samantha Stoddard | diy & furniture flips on Instagram: "$100 to $4,112 furniture flip?! 🤯 Comment “CHECKLIST” & I’ll send you my free furniture flipping checklists, along with everything I used! I grabbed this dresser for just $100 off @facebookmarketplace and knew it had potential! It was a laminate & particle board dresser, but was just waiting for a makeover. So let me tell you how you can achieve a similar look! 1. Clean and remove grime using a degreaser 2. Prime for better adhesion for your paint! On this piece, I used @rustoleum auto primer 3. I added cane webbing from Amazon to add some detail to the front! Then attached it with @thegorillagluecompany and my @harttoolsusa stapler 4. Add trim to hide the webbing edges (3/4” trim from @loweshomeimprovement) 5. Prime again 6.
a man is holding a bottle and some wood planks in his hand as he stands next to a table that has been made out of plywood
Wood working on Instagram: "“Relax and unwind in rustic charm. 🪑✨ #WoodenChair #CozyCorner #NaturalComfort”"
a woman standing in front of a cabinet with baskets on it and the words ikea kallax makeovers
Frenchic Paint ❤️ on Instagram: "You're going to want to SAVE this for later. ❤️ If you're looking for a savvy way to re-love and repurpose your glossy laminate pieces into something pretty special, Frenchic fan Kayleigh (over at certainly knows how! 😉 Steal inspiration from some of our favourite Kallax creations from Kayleigh using Frenchic. 👇 Tell us your favourite below!! 1 . Funky Dora 2. Salt Of The Earth 3. Hornblower mixed with a dash of Loof 4. Cool Beans 5. Last Dance 6. Funky Dora 7. Salt Of The Earth 8. Hornblower"
a woman standing next to a dresser with the words turning $ 350 into $ 200
Erin Shuford • DIY Furniture Flips • MCM Refinishing on Instagram: "Comment the word “LINK” for a list of everything I used on this flip! The great thing about these solid wood pieces is that they can withstand multiple makeovers over the years and will still be as solid as the day they’re built if they’re taken care of! This set was beautiful as is, but I envisioned a moody soft black paired with a dark stain, so that’s exactly what I did! And paint can always be removed down the road. I do it all the time 🤭 What do you think? #wagnerdiycontest"
a white table with a vase on top and the words weathered oak tutorial
Jessica Faulkenberry | Furniture Flips & DIY on Instagram: "Comment “table” and save this post for later! What I did: -Stripped the black paint (you could use a carbide scraper instead of chemical stripper but even my carbide had a hard time with this paint. Plus too many curves on the base so I just made it easier on my hands/wrists) using GreenEz paint stripper -used GreenEz cleaning solution and a scour pad to clean residue -sanded all over with 120 grit -did two rounds of household bleach and let it dry in the sun -mixed 1 part tan paint (any water based would work) and 4 parts water and brushed on a paint wash and wiped it back with a t-shirt asap -matte topcoat (wise owl one hour clear) -liming wax all over for that weathered look! Leave any questions in the comments!"
a man giving the thumbs up sign while sitting on a bench in a shop with an animal print footstool
@chromeheartslawnchair on Instagram‎: "🐄🐮ها هي الكرسي الذي صنعته كما وعدت، يرجى الإعجاب والمشاركة إذا استمتعت."‎