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someone is planting plants in the ground with their hands on top of each other's hand
Jovie 🌙 Feral Plant Hag on Instagram: "Thank you @faridasober for showing me this incredibly efficient technique! I've been waiting to show any part of this process bc I honestly didn't expect it to work and didn't want to get your hopes up 😆 But this saved me space, soil, and time by not having to up-pot these babies, and best of all they were so happy and STRONG 💪 Next time I'm going to try it with tomatoes, basil, and maybe even peppers Would you try it? #gardeningtips #gardenproject #growingfood #growyourown #growgardensnotlawns"
someone is picking leaves from a plant with the words vaincre le midiou facilemt
Terence Groos on Instagram: "Une technique efficace pour vaincre le Mildiou quand il se présente au jardin ! Attention aux jeunes fleurs qui peuvent être sensibles au bicarbonate et tomber si trop arrosées. Privilégier les feuilles ! #tomate #tomates #potager #permaculture #autonomie #ferme #astuce #jardinage #potagerbio #jardin"
a person holding a plant in their hand with the words feeding garlic on top of it
Char + Marv | Planted in the Garden on Instagram: "Isn’t it interesting that garlic can be planted in Fall and it goes to sleep during winter and wakes up by Spring? Can’t wait to see what our harvest looks like by July and August. #garlic #gardeningtips #learning #garden"
a man is pushing a wheelbarrow
Faça Você Mesmo on Instagram: "Esse Pedreiro Vai Para Lua por causa dessa Invenção #diy #tools #dicas #facavocemesmo"
a red bucket pouring water into a hole in a brick wall next to a metal gutter
Ceren Yurtsever on Instagram: "Teraslardan, bahçelerden, açık alanlardan suyu nasıl drene edebiliriz 👍 #peyzaj #peyzajmimarligi #peyzajdüzenleme #bahçe #zemin #drenaj #yağmursuyutahliyesi #drenaj #içmimar #mimar #içmimariproje #mimariproje #şantiye #şantiyegünlükleri"
a wooden door with planters on it and the words ikea hack written in front
✿༺ 𝐻𝑜𝓂𝑒𝓌𝒶𝓇𝑒 𝐵𝒶𝓈𝑒 🌏 𝒬𝓊𝒶𝓁𝒾𝓉𝓎 𝐻𝑜𝓂𝑒/𝒪𝒻𝒻𝒾𝒸𝑒𝓌𝒶𝓇𝑒 ༻✿ on Instagram: "Tidy your garden tools in this convenient cupboard. 😊 This video is from @easyalex 👏☺️ #IKEAHack #GardenShed #GardenStorage #GardeningTools #OutdoorCupboard"
a man is washing his yard with a hose
American Hardscaper on Instagram: "Define your Edges! Here are the steps… 1. Layout an attractive spray paint line for the plant bed edge. 2. Dig a v-trench approximately 8 inches wide and 8 inches deep. (Link in bio for a 6 step guide which includes 6 diagrams and 15 example pictures). 3. Place approximately 2.5 inches of dry concrete mix in the trench and wet it and mix it in place. Shoot for a stiff mix. 4. Set the stones in the stiff mix using a rubber mallet. Either set the stone to a string line for straight runs, or for curved lines, do frequent visual checks to maintain proper height and flow. 5. Place dry concrete mix half way up the front and back of the paver edger. Mix the dry concrete mix in place. Use a trowel to compact and shape the concrete and achieve a slope aw
a potted plant hanging from a rope with flowers in it and the words, verdantide house
DIY Návody a Domácí Recepty | KreativniTechniky.cz on Instagram: "DIY💛 Tip na jednoduchý závěs na květináč Krásných květin není v létě nikdy dost. Líbí se nám květiny nejen na záhonu a v nádobách, ale také ve výšce očí. Proto vznikl tento nápad na jednoduchý závěs vytvořený z březových klacíků. Tímto způsobem můžeme zavěsit jakoukoliv květinu, ať v obalu nebo v květináči. Hotový jej můžete mít za pár minut. Budeme potřebovat • březové klacíky • drátek • kroucená šňůra • kleště, nůžky • obal na květináč 🚫Do not repost our videos. Thank you❗️ 🇬🇧ENG🇬🇧 DIY💛 Simple flower pot hanger We like flowers not only in beds or containers, but also at eye level. That’s why we came up with this idea for a simple pot hanging made from birch sticks. In this way we can hang any flower, whether in
two men are shoveling dirt in the middle of a field while one man is holding a rake
Allett Mowers (UK) on Instagram: "Our BDM Mitchell using our Lawn Lute at the Allett Lawn Academy - available in 750mm or 1000mm #allettmowers - compost @field_compost @prolawncareuk @york.golfclub1890 seed kindly donated by dlf seeds pm70 seed @dlfseeds"
a man is using a hose to water the grass in front of his house with a lawn mower
Sunnyside lawn care on Instagram: "Extremely satisfying edging 🫡 #lawncare #thatlawndude #hustlerturf #mowing #spring #explorepage #stripelife #lawnpattern #kerncounty #bakersfield #landscaping"
a man sitting on the ground holding something in his hands
Jardinage 🪴famille Costil on Instagram: "Augmente ta récolte de Framboises 🍇✨ 🌞 Tu veux des framboises à foison cet été ? On te montrer un petit truc simple pour booster ta récolte ! 🌿 Tout est question de lumière : Plus tes framboisiers baignent dans la lumière, plus ils produiront de fruits. Mais comment s’assurer que chaque partie de la plante profite du soleil ? C’est là que le petit secret entre en jeu. 👌 Astuce de pro : Arcs tes cannes ! Au lieu de laisser tes cannes de framboisier pousser droites, donne-leur une courbe avec l’aide de raphia et d’un tuteur. Cela expose toute la surface de la canne au soleil, pas juste le haut, multipliant ainsi les chances de voir fleurir des framboises tout le long. 🌱 Pourquoi le raphia ? C’est simple : c’est une matière naturelle qu
an animal that is laying down in the dirt
Kaleb Wyse on Instagram: "How do you know when to harvest garlic? There are two main ways with one of them being a bit of a surprise!"
a patio with an umbrella and some chairs
Giustina | DIYs • Recipes • Home Inspiration on Instagram: "Like + Comment “Link” to instantly get the links, tutorial, & details in your DM. We love sitting out by the pool in the hot summer months, but the heat can get a bit intense down here in the south. So we decided to make this DIY Umbrella Side Table. It comes in so handy on hot sunny days, plus it looks great too! And I’m obsessed with this 9-foot patio umbrella! It’s the perfect size and perfect color (I’ve also included some alternatives you may like on my blog). What’s your favorite way to stay cool during the summer? ps. If you watch closely you might notice that we learned from trial and error while making this DIY Umbrella Side Table. We have shared what we learned along with a full tutorial with step-by-step instruct
a garden path made out of bricks and dirt with a video player in the middle
Johannes | Heimwerker on Instagram: "Schnelle Rasenkante! An einigen Stellen im Garten fehlen noch Rasenkanten und weil viele Wege mit Porphyr Natursteinpflaster gelegt wurden, habe ich entschieden diesen Stil fortzuführen. Ja, es kommen bestimmt ein paar Stimmen die sagen werden: „das musst du Betonieren!“ Aber ich betoniere im Garten wirklich nur das notwendigste, auch mit dem Wissen, dass ich nach und nach die Steine etwas richten muss. So sind die Steine aber jederzeit für andere Projekte oder Umplanungen im Garten wieder nutzbar und sind nicht durch Betonreste versaut. Betonierst du gerne oder bevorzugst du auch lieber die betonfreie Variante? #garten #gartengestaltung #gartenideen #rasen #rasenpflege #rasenkante #gartenliebe #garteninspiration #diygardening #naturgarten #naturga