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a dandelion in the middle of some grass with bright light coming from behind it
東京カメラ部 Editor's Choice
東京カメラ部 Editor's Choice:Shigeru Hayakawa Red Spider Lily #RedSpiderLily #LycorisRadiata #曼珠沙華 #彼岸花
a painting of a woman holding a flag on top of a floating object in the water
Mandarava II (Art Print) - Wilvin Pedersen ~ Dakini As Art
Mandarava II (Art Print) - Wilvin Pedersen ~ Dakini As Art
a large white flower surrounded by green leaves
El loto blanco, una poderosa planta medicinal ayurvédica
Flor de loto
a large white flower sitting on top of a lush green leaf covered field with water lilies
Enchanted Lotus Jewelry Collection
The De Beers Enchanted Lotus Collection
many small candles are lined up on the table
It calms my soul.
steam rising from the top of a coffee cup
diosesencuerposhumanos: LIMPIEZA ENERGÉTICA...♥ Fragrance, Meditation, Alma, Aromas, Rituals, Jul, Insence
diosesencuerposhumanos: LIMPIEZA ENERGÉTICA...♥
Wicca, Savoir Plus, Ritual, Eternal Life, Censer, Ilustrasi
a close up view of the center of a purple and white flower
Dainty Dahlia
many colorful flowers are growing together in the garden
Pierre Leclerc Photography Art
" A verdade é o único terreno seguro que podemos pisar." Elizabete Cady Stanton ( 1815- 1902)
a large white and pink flower with lots of petals
Asterinne | 26 | UK - Softness of Spring door Rick Lundh