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a wooden structure sitting on top of a hard wood floor
2V geodesic chair
The first attempt wasn't perfect, but I'm ok with result.
an outdoor swing bed with pillows on it
several wooden blocks are lined up in the dirt
Butterfly World's public project using new oak railway sleepers for raised beds, retaining walls & unique landscaping. Railwaysleepers.com
an outdoor shower in the middle of a garden with palm trees and mountains in the background
Unsere Bauprojekte nach Regionen | Team Kanadablockhaus
a hot tub sitting on top of a wooden deck next to a covered outdoor area
Die herrliche Pergola aus Holz in 93 Fotos! - Archzine.net
pergola aus holz wunderschönes exterieur kreatives modell
an outdoor kitchen is built into the side of a house with a grill on it
Budaörsi kerti konyha
Kemax - Budaörsi kerti konyha