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the pixel art is hanging on the wall
Perler: Spider Gwen by AmayaMarieSuta on DeviantArt
a cross stitch pattern with squares in the shape of a dog's head and eyes
Cat Kandi Pattern
Cat Perler Bead Pattern | Bead Sprites | Animals Fuse Bead Patterns
six different colored paw prints are shown on a white surface, including one pink and one black
an orange pixel art piece with the letter i on it
an orange and white pixellated pattern with a face in the center, which is made up of squares
Alpha pattern #27708 variation #23994
Alpha pattern #27708 variation #23994 | BraceletBook
a pixellated image of a pig holding a rainbow
a cross stitch pattern with two birds in the middle and one bird at the bottom
Charmander xd
an image of a pixell character in purple and blue
Alpha pattern #103248
Alpha pattern #103248 | BraceletBook