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a white feather resting on some rocks near the ocean at sunset with the sun in the background
@gaelicgirl's post on Minds | Minds
(*) @gaelicgirl's post on Minds | Minds
a dandelion with the sun setting in the background and an arabic quote on it
a painting with the words dare to be different
COLOR OF THE BUTTERFLY - Desktop Nexus Wallpapers
a lady bug sitting on top of a leaf
It's a beautiful world!
an image of a tree in the water with a quote on it that says, this moment is all there is rum
The Erie Divorce Support Group (Erie, PA)
.I love the simplicity and symmetry of this photo! - Most Amazing Photography
two butterflies sitting on top of purple flowers in the sun setting over a mountain range
a person holding a feather in front of a sunset over the ocean with birds flying around