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a ladybug brooch sitting on top of a leaf in someone's hand
Here’s a design I hadn’t done in a while. Cute little ladybug on a leaf. I added a bit more detail the cute little buggy face. I always feel lucky when I come across a lady bug, don’t you?
a keychain that has some flowers on it
Llaveros en #masaflexible
three keychains with different designs on them sitting on a white tablecloth covered surface
casa de passarinho de biscuit
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two teddy bears with hearts and tassels attached to key chains on a white surface
a hand holding a small white cat with a red heart in it's mouth
frida kahlo en porcelana fria
Resultado de imagen para frida kahlo en porcelana fria
two pictures of different types of key chains with animals on them and one has an owl in the middle
Lembrança fofissima para dia das mães. Todos esses a pronta entrega. ✔Escolha seu bichinho favorito e quantos filhotinhos quer. ✔coloque nome dá mamãe. ✔Coloque frases. Pouquíssimas vagas. 🙊👏 Whats 24 98130 9721 Inbox ou Direct 🌎💳
a hand holding a bunch of little blue animals
Hi everyone!! First I want to apologize with all of you for not posting this week, I was a total slave of my craft table finishing all the eeveelutions, they were so many (over 100) and I accidentally selected 2 weeks as the processing time instead of 3, which also lead me to a delay on shipping times. They're all done now though, and tomorrow Monday all of them will be finally shipped!! Thanks so much for your understanding and patience, I really couldn't be happier to have such awesome cust...
two keychains with clouds and a bow tie on the front one has a smiling face
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Chaveiro nuvem
several key chains with unicorns and rainbows attached to them on a white surface
1,053 "Μου αρέσει!", 33 σχόλια - DANRON ARTESANATO (@danronartesanato) στο Instagram: "💕💖Topo de bolo Chuva de Amor💕💖 #chuvadeamor #festainfantil #festachuvadeamor #festaunicórnio…"
a white bird with pink and blue flowers painted on it's face sitting on a black cord necklace
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Little bird. Colgante pajarito por Lenyboop en Etsy
Steampunk bird brooch made of polymer clay Steampunk Bird, ดินปั้น Polymer Clay, Rustic Boho, Bird Brooch, Polymer Clay Creations, Clay Ideas, Steam Punk
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Steampunk bird brooch made of polymer clay