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a black and white drawing of skeletons in the water
Um Bom Necrófilo
Art by Mark Riddick Vim parar aqui por causa de um erro cometido por eu ter sido ansioso demais… Me pegaram com aquela carne ...
a black and white drawing of an alien with two hands on it's chest
'Christ Puppet'
"Christ Puppet" by Riddickart. Traditional Art / Drawings / Macabre & Horror Skateboard deck for Jim Booth/SVART KULT, 2007
a black and white drawing of an evil demon with three eyes on it's head
a black and white drawing of an animal skull with two people on it's head
Mark riddick
two skulls with long horns on their heads are surrounded by flowers and other things in the background
Mark Riddick
a black and white drawing of a demon sitting on top of a human skull with wings
by Mark Riddick LouieDiana
a black and white drawing of two men on horses with long hair flying through the air
The Temple Of Gid
Gideon Smith | The Temple Of Gid | FEATURED GUEST : MARK RIDDICK
a black and white poster with an evil skull on it's head, surrounded by other skulls
by Mark Riddick
an animal with long horns and skulls on it's face, surrounded by other animals
You’ve seen Mark Riddick’s artwork. Even if his name is unfamiliar to you, any fan of extreme metal has come across Riddick’s black-and-white illustrations of inverted cross-clutching revenants and festering, desiccated skulls. Maybe it was on the cover of an Arsis album, all of which bear original Riddick work. Maybe it was in the margins of PIT Magazine,
two different pictures with skulls and horns on them
By Mark Riddick (RIDDICKART)