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an old poster with cats standing in front of people and the words no significa no
Muchos MACHOS aún no comprenden el significado de un NO!! #SomosIguales
an image of a man on his cell phone with the caption that reads, soy pro - vida?
a person wearing a blue hat and holding a yellow piece of paper in front of their face
a green poster with the words no sale written in spanish
a pink poster with black and white writing on it's back side, in spanish
#AbortoLegal #Aborto #Feminismo #Feminist #Feminista #MujeresLibres Social Media, Psicologia, Mantras, Supportive, Arquitetura, Trimester
#AbortoLegal #Aborto #Feminismo #Feminist #Feminista #MujeresLibres
the spanish language poster shows different types of people and places that can be seen in this image
Realizado por SEGS
the different types of people in spanish
Infografia feminismo 5_conceptos_zz
Infografia feminismo 5_conceptos_zz
#GenteToxica #Narcisistas #PsicópatasIntegrados https://sobreviviendoapsicopatasynarcisistas.wordpress.com/
#GenteToxica #Narcisistas #PsicópatasIntegrados https://sobreviviendoapsicopatasynarcisistas.wordpress.com/
the words in spanish are written on white paper with pink and orange lettering, which reads queriddo ser humano que defende el agoso calero
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Acoso callejero - La Cope
an image of the map of argentina with all its major cities in yellow and white
Feminismos, supervivencias y machismos recuperables
Iceberg feliciano
'Violentómetro', una vía para detectar la violencia en la pareja Psychology Facts, Coaching, Domestic Violence, Psycology, Counselling, Therapy
Violentómetro ilustrado: una guía para detectar la agresión en pareja
'Violentómetro', una vía para detectar la violencia en la pareja
the words are written in spanish and english
some type of text that is in different languages on a blue and pink background with the words'patriacado ','machismo,'and'micromacchinsmo '
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