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a drawing of a woman in a blue dress
No se que es pero me encanta
a man and woman sitting next to each other on top of a chair with their arms around each other
Prop Shop Hannah
O sol e a lua
ACOTAR/Throne of Glass tattoo design @mscrystalbeard Art, Tattoo Designs, Tattoos, Tattoo, Book Tattoo, Assassin
ACOTAR/Throne of Glass tattoo design @mscrystalbeard
a black and white drawing of a geometric design in a circular frame with vines around it
Acortar ☆
two people dressed in black and white holding hands
It could have been much better, but sometimes you just have to let things go and continue on✨.I totally forgot but I used @macaylacarlene wonderful cosplay picture of female Dorian as an inspiration for Feyre👌🏻👏😁.#acofas #acowar #acomaf #acotar #feysand #feyre #rhysand #feyrecursebreaker #feyredarling #highlady #highlord #nightcourt #sarahjmaas #starfalldress #janarunneck
a drawing of a man in space with stars on his face and hair flowing around him
a man and woman standing next to each other in front of a sky filled with stars
The Court of Dreams by Charlie-Bowater on DeviantArt
Rhysand&Feyre. Corte Rosas y Espinas SJM
some disney princesses are drawn in black and white
Charlie Bowater
Charlie Bowater
a woman with very large breast wearing a halter top and blue choker around her neck
be creative
Nesta Archeron by janarun. ACOMAF ACOWAR Sarah J Maas
two bookmarks with an image of the same character and text on each one side
pojainter: “Hey guys! the 24 hour flash sale has ended BOOOOO, but…… Bookmark’s are back in stock, and I’ve added a new one! YEYY!!!! £5.00 + shipping - worldwide shipping available! Visit for ACOMAF prints and more
two texts that are on top of each other, one is in the middle of the text
{#tumblr #tumblrpost #tumblrtextpost #funny #tumblrfunny #funnytumblr #comedy #weird #memes #relatable #af #fandoms #instagood #follow #cute #love #bill_wi_the by bill_wi_the_birthday_fi
the words rhysand written in black and white against a night sky filled with stars
⋆ to whatever end ⋆
“War would linger with me long after it had ended, some invisible scar that would perhaps fade, but never wholly vanish. But for my home, for Prythian and the human territory and so many others … I would clean my blades, and wash the blood from my skin. And I would do it again and again and again.”
After the war Cassian. Humour, Acotar Funny, Throne Of Glass Books, Book Fandoms
After the war Cassian.