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a white frame with yellow lettering that says pasta it's amo in cursive writing
Pasta Poster Print 20x27 Archival Fine Art Giclée Print - Etsy
three chili peppers with the words'cozinar e fazer poesia para ser degusta '
Gastronomia & Cozinha
Cozinhar é fazer poesia para ser degustada.
a white plate topped with spaghetti and tomatoes
Sydney International Food festival - Flags of the world food - print, Australia
bandeira italia
an illustration of spaghetti in a bucket with tomatoes on the side and green onions next to it
Spaghetti can be eaten most successfully if you inhale it like a vacuum cleaner. Sophia Loren
a chalkboard sign that says, o melor prato e prato cheio
41 Posters Decorativos Gratuitos para Fazer Download e Imprimir
Quero me Formar — e enriquecer!: 41 Posters Gratuitos para Imprimir
an old photo of a man feeding a woman something out of a plate in front of him
Everybody Loves Somebody
Dean Martin and Anna Maria Alberghetti on the set of Ten Thousand Bedrooms / as1966
an overhead view of some yellow noodles on a gray table top with space for text
10-Minute Creamy, Buttery Herbed Bucatini | HBH
10-Minute Creamy, Buttery Herbed Bucatini | HBH