36 Pins
a wooden sign that says u and o with hearts on it in the shape of a box
Portaretratos en MDF Tu y yo
an old fashioned envelope with butterflies and roses on it, sitting on top of a wall
an open book with some tags on it sitting on top of a wooden floor next to a pair of scissors
Récap de mes projets abonnement de cette année: Article 1 sur 2 - SCRAPOTIN
altered photograph of an old suitcase with lace and flowers
a close up of a book with flowers on it and a tag attached to the cover
a blue book with some flowers and a black ribbon on the cover that says love
Un mini album - Scrapucine
an altered book is sitting on a lace doily
Про курсы - работы девочек и новые группы в январе!
a close up of a card with buttons and flowers on the front, along with other cards
an altered photo album with buttons and flowers on the cover is decorated in black, white, and green
many different types of buttons and tags on a table
a hand holding an open book with lots of papers on it and flowers in the pages