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some of the best words literally ever are written in english or german, and also have pictures on them
Some of the best words literally ever: Bamboozled Discombobulated Cattywampus Malarkey Brouhaha Skedaddle Doohickey Persnickety Whatnot Gobsmacked Flibbertigibbet Tenterhooks Poppycock Whippersnapper Flabbergasted Shenanigans Lollygag Kerfuffle Nincompoop Pumpernickel Thingamajig Whatsit Whatchamacallit Flummoxed Dingleberry Gobbledygook Canoodle Codswallop - iFunny
a poster with instructions on how to use semicolon rules
Semicolon (;) When to Use a Semicolon in English • 7ESL
a poster with the words change paragraphs when written in black and white on it
a note with the words stop saying but in english and an image of a flag
Stop Saying But, Different Ways to Say But - English Grammar Here
Learn English, Vocab
Improving Student Vocabulary: 600 Other Ways To Say Common Things
the rules for comma rules are in red, white and blue with stars on it
Rules for Comma Usage
four different ways to say in english
English Learning Everyday on Twitter
an english poster with the words to say
+25 Ways to Say BECAUSE, Synonym Words Because - English Study Here
how to write a great essay in an english language with the help of two students
How To Write An Essay With 9 Simple Steps
a poster with words and phrases to describe the different types of sentences in english
Words may help you in Writing