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three butterflies with different colors and patterns on them, one is red, the other is blue
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a large brown and white moth sitting on top of a green plant leaf next to a yellow wall
Meet the Colorful Nocturnal Moths of 'Mariposas Nocturnas' (Photos)
the word sold is written on top of a white paper with a gold circle above it
Wanna Do Tattoos
a woman's arm with three different tattoos on it
Winnie the Pooh
a close up of a snail on a tree branch with it's head in the air
Snail by Ch’ien C Lee
two snails are sitting on top of a plant
a snail is sitting on the ground with it's head turned to the side
Stock Image: Animals/Wildlife
a close up of a snail on a white background
Garden Snail Isolated On White Stock Photo 582310831 | Shutterstock
a man's arm with a snail tattoo on it
My lovely snail done by Chux, at Old Traditions, South Elgin, IL
an ink drawing of a snail with its shell still attached to it's back
Faux Escargot
a black and white photo of a woman's thigh with a snail tattoo on it
10 Woman & Non-Binary Tattoo Artists Across The U.S. For Your Next Meaningful Ink