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an image of mario and luigi talking to each other with the caption'i am mr u '
the legend of zelda from super mario bros pixel art, video game characters, person,
Luigi patting Baby Luigi (Mario And Luigi: Partners In Time)
here's a friendly reminder that some people care about you there is someone out there that generally cares about you. Even if it's you adult of baby self.
some people are dressed up as mario and luigi
two women standing next to a statue of mario
Fandom, Super Smash Brothers, Cartoon Crossovers, Super Mario And Luigi, Super Mario Brothers, Mario Fan Art
#cuphead | 🎀✨♡I like ribbons and sparkles♡✨🎀
an image of mario and princess peach on the ground with other characters in the background
super mario adventures comic
two cartoon characters with one pointing at the camera
two cartoon characters are sitting on a chair and one is holding the other's hand
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luigi clip