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a cartoon character holding a wine glass in one hand and an evil looking man's face on the other
*Anton Ego (the food critic) needs to drink the wine to put a smile on his face. (Disney's Ratatouille) ( :
a cartoon mouse holding a piece of bread on top of an electric stove with the word ratatoulie written above it
Ratatouille (Disney-Pixar, 2007)
a cartoon woman holding a frying pan and looking at the camera while standing in front of a white background
*COLETTE ~ Ratatouille, 2007
a rat is sitting on top of a pot full of soup and holding a stick
Dreaming Disney - Patton Oswalt's Star Wars Pitch
the ratatoulie movie poster is shown in this image, and it appears to be an animated character
Pollo Relleno
bread with meat and herbs on it sitting on a cutting board next to a jar
Según varios estudios, todo lo que comemos a la noche tiene mayor probabilidad de convertirse en grasa y a acumularse en el cuerpo. ¿Pero quién quiere irse a dormir con hambre?Para ayudarte a resolver este dilema, hemos recopilado estas recetas de cenas livianas, para que no tengas que irte a dormir sin cenar, pero