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three wooden spoons with cats painted on them are hanging from the wall in front of each other
three wooden pegs with cats on them hanging from the ceiling and one is holding several magnets
Piedras Pintadas (painted rocks)) | Tomado de la red | Facebook
Piedras Pintadas (painted rocks)) | Tomado de la red | Facebook
a wooden planter sitting on top of a table with measurements for the height and width
Pint-Sized Paradise: Small Planting Ideas for Big Impact in Any Space
Transform tiny spaces into green havens with these small planting ideas! From balcony blooms to indoor oasis inspiration, discover creative ways to cultivate greenery in limited space. Elevate your surroundings with these compact and stunning planting solutions. 🌿💚 #SmallGardenIdeas #TinySpaces #PlantDecor
Nota: Lo que mostramos en el video son semilleros ' en tubos de papel luego de esto se pasará a su respectiva maceta o al huerto£A"* la idea es reciclar y poder hacerlo en pequeños espacios