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a straw hat with a flower pot on it next to a woven basket and button
posavasos manzanas
Ideales para otoño
several pieces of fabric with hearts hanging from it's sides on a white surface
7 Ideas para San Valentín
four flower headbands are sitting on top of each other in front of a wooden background
an open book with two flowers on it
Felt Flower Bookmark, Elastic Band Bookmark, Planner Bookmark Band, Notebook Bookmark, Reader Gift
an open book with some flowers on it
a bookmark made out of felt with leaves and flowers on it, sitting on top of an open book
a close up of a book with a flower on the front and side of it
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Marcador de flores amarillas marcador floral amarillo banda | Etsy
several different types of cloths on a table with red and white checkered fabric
a book with a heart on it sitting on top of a cutting board next to a ruler
a small piece of fabric with flowers on it sitting on top of a white bed
a patchwork wallet is sitting on a wooden surface with the words, i love you