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a kitchen with an island in the middle of it and lots of cupboards on both sides
The homemade kitchen island is in ... and wow! It has totally transformed the room and I can’t stop staring at it. Swipe for a before kitchen picture, this was from when we bought the house. It was a lovely kitchen and real selling point but I am so glad we painted it and added the island. I liked it when we moved in but I simply adore it now
two stools are in front of the kitchen island
Arlington Kitchen Renovation: Before and After
Sabbe Interior Design [the blog]: Arlington Kitchen Renovation: Before and After
a kitchen island with two chairs next to it
Ikea Kitchen Island Hack
Salt Marsh Cottage: Ikea Kitchen Island Hack More
a kitchen sink with wooden counter top next to window
Animals all fed now gonna make a cuppa #kitchen #belfastsink #countrykitchen #homedecor
two pictures of the same dog house made out of wood
Its quite unique to note around if you would view a special waste bin that is created with the wood pallet. This idea on our list is one of such concepts! In this idea of wood pallet recycling you will find the waste bin that is incorporated with the cabinets in it for storage purposes. Grab it as it is two in one services idea!
the diy farmhouse pantry shelvings
Farmhouse Pantry Shelves
DIY Farmhouse Pantry Shelves. Check out the full details at our blog. #farmhouse #pantry #organization #pantry shelves #DIY
the kitchen is clean and ready to be used for dinner or other entertaining purposes in someone's home
Hi everyone & especially hi to everyone who has followed me this weekend!! Not sure what’s happened but my feed has gone a bit mad with followers and lots of kitchen love this weekend so thank you very much!!!! It’s been a quiet one for us, mostly at home (not actually getting anything done) but spent mainly playing lego & going for a few walks & bike riding for William. Hope you’ve all had a nice weekend! 1 week left until half term - yippee!!!!!! need to get something planned though!! An...