Zonas lounge

11 Pins
a room with two chairs and a table in the middle, surrounded by plants on either side
My Little Itch Studios
the coffee house is decorated in white and wood
Coffee House
an empty restaurant with tables, chairs and plants in the window sill on either side
베이지톤에 깔끔하고 고급스러운 30평 모던카페 인테리어 디자인
a woman standing in front of a counter next to a potted plant and coffee machine
Coffee Shop Vibe
a restaurant counter with food on it in the middle of a large room filled with tables and chairs
모던하고 깔끔한 분위기의 18평 카페인테리어 트렌드
an empty restaurant with wooden chairs and tables
조명으로 포인트를 준 모던빈티지 30평 카페 인테리어 업체
two people sitting at tables talking on their cell phones in an open area with potted plants hanging from the ceiling
Puffino MX
a large living room filled with white furniture and circular mirrors on the wall above it