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Pinterest: itssamsworld
a sign that says nice people dancing to good soul music on the side of a building
a person wearing pink roller skates with white socks and i did not know what they are
Socks + Slippers
black and white photograph of a person holding a rose in their hand with the petals still attached
Las rosas de mi jardín se ven así por AHORA
black and white photograph of woman with stars on her neck
a poster with the words i want to believe and an image of a flying saucer
Ryan Mercer's Thoughts
#x-files http://www.ryanmercer.com Billionaire Ryan Mercer recently purchased controlling interest in Rich Industries
an old faucet with colorful glass beads hanging from it's spout
KR36 | by Guy Catling
a person holding a lighter in their hand with the light on it's side