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a painting of people standing in front of each other
Preview: John Wentz’s “Passages” at 111 Minna Gallery - Hi-Fructose Magazine
Preview: John Wentz de "Pasajes" en 111 Minna Gallery | Hola-Fructosa Revista
three pictures of dresses hanging on a clothes hanger, one in black and white checkered fabric the other in grey and white
Pure linen dress tunic for women. Checkers oatmeal and white. Japanese style. Size S, M, L. Italian raw linen.
raw linen tunic
blurry photograph of people walking in the snow on a foggy day with black and white colors
Artwork - Gale Antokal
Departure 1, study Gale Antokal pastel
a large group of people standing in the middle of a hallway with columns and pillars
Artist JR turns the Panthèon in Paris INSIDE OUT | Yatzer
Artist JR turns the Panthèon in #Paris INSIDE OUT |
several hands reaching up into the air
Caravaggio. Madonna del Rosario (detail),
an old book with many faces on it and the pages are lined up in rows
Fuck Yeah, Book Arts!
a painting of people standing in front of a train station
Laurence Stephen Lowry - The Railway Platform [1953]
The Railway Platform
a group of people walking down a street next to tall buildings with flags on them
Cubism, Joiners and The Multiple Viewpoint
Daniel Crooks
a crowd of people standing around each other on top of a snow covered ground in the middle of winter
Mario De Biasi