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a person sitting at a table with a dog in front of them and stairs leading up to the second floor
BROOKLYN HOUSE葉山☆A様邸 5周年パーティーのテーマは九州居酒屋 | Design Source - デザインソース
a woman standing in a room filled with clothes
12M views · 692K reactions | My daily washing routine looks a little different depending on the weather! The drying rack works great when paired with an intense heat source like our Homewood Heritage cookstove - the extra humidity introduced from the washing helps replace the moisture being driven out by the stove (a simmering stove top kettle can do the same thing 🔥) But when the sun is shining, it's great to get it out in the fresh air for a bit of extra sanitization in the UV light (especially important with the reusable cloth nappies 🤎) Either way, life can feel like an endless cycle of washing sometimes! 😂 ~Janie x | Homewood Stoves | Joan Baez · Diamonds And Rust
an unmade bed with many pillows and blankets on it in a room filled with stuffed animals
a living room filled with lots of furniture and plants on top of a wooden floor
Upcycled Art Studio - Sol Haus Design
a kitchen filled with lots of windows next to a stove top oven and dining table
a kitchen filled with lots of wooden furniture next to a window covered in sun light
an old fashioned kitchen with wooden tables and chairs in the center, surrounded by open windows
an instagramted photo of a rustic cabin with wood floors and exposed ceilings, along with pictures on the walls
a long narrow kitchen with wooden walls and flooring on both sides, along with lots of counter space
Ideas para espacios largos
Madera y tapetes, aprovechando ambos laterales de la habitación. #madera #decoración #rústico #mesas #color #tapetes #ventanas #techos #pisos
a bedroom with a bed, chair and fireplace in it