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Daddy Yankee con MoluscoTV - La última entrevista. También a mí me dejó sin palabras. The GOAT. 🐐🤍
an angel with wings and halos holding a flower in front of the words on it
San Miguel Arcángel.
a statue of the virgin mary is surrounded by flowers
Our Lady of the Roses, Mary help of Mothers
a statue of the virgin mary is shown
Aurora hermosísima que trae el Sol
a painting of a woman holding a baby wrapped in a blanket with flowers on her head
Vtg Christmas Card Baby MCM Girl 60s Diecut Flocked Norcross In Wreath • $4.99
two cats sitting next to each other on top of a flower covered ground with sun in the background
Marjorie Sarnat, Artist on Twitter
mickey mouse and friends in front of fireworks with the word'bunanarote '
a woman with long red hair is smiling at the camera and has words above her head
the peanuts gang and their friends are flying paper lanterns in the sky at night time
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a woman with blue eyes is smiling and has words above her head that say, mucha rabia quedia?