Anne Geddes

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a black and white photo of a sleeping baby wrapped in a blanket with his eyes closed
Sesiones de fotos de recién nacidos
a baby sleeping on top of a green plant with the words dulces suenos
a baby is sleeping in a white bowl
five babies in pink tutues are posed together for a photo with the caption, annie geddes
five babies in a bathtub with towels on their heads
a woman holding a baby in her arms with the caption, i'm pregnant mommy
Somatización Psicológica - Enfermedades y la Mente - Yo Espiritual
three babies are sitting in old boxes with flowers on their heads
four baby babies wrapped in green cloths with red flowers on their heads and hands
Fotografiar los sueños de tu bebé - ceslava
two babies are sitting in a tub full of flowers
there is a book cover with an image of a doll on top of a tree
an image of a baby sleeping in a chair with the words anne geddes calendar 2006
two baby dolls in a honey jar with the words, we are honey on it