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a floor plan for a living room with furniture and accessories labeled in the diagram below
Cozy Den for Working From Home | Nest Interior Design
Working from home became the new norm for so many of us during the pandemic. While we needed our spaces to suddenly pull double-duty, we didn't have much time to think about how the space looked or felt. We just needed it to become a place we could work. And fast. Now, with so many of us working remotely on a more permanent basis, there is an opportunity to make sure our work-from-home spaces are functional and beautiful for the long term. #lovewhereyoulive #nestdesign #homeremodel
a desk with a computer and some plants on it in front of two large windows
Transform Your Workspace with These 25 Innovative Home Office Ideas
Discover a curated collection of home office ideas, workspace designs, small office setups, and creative home office solutions. Explore minimalist home office layouts, ergonomic home workspace tips, and stylish home office decor inspiration. Perfect for remote work, study areas, and productivity spaces.