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an open box with a stuffed animal in it
Mouse sewing pattern
Make a Valentines mouse doll for someone special with my cute and easy sewing pattern. The ballerina pattern fits all of the animals in my sewing patterns. The patterns come with step-by-step photographs with detailed instructions full of tips and prompts to help you avoid common mistakes. You'll be invited to join a friendly facebook group where you can ask questions, watch videos and see dolls made by people all over the world
someone is holding a stuffed animal in their hand and it looks like they are wearing a dress
a white cat doll hanging on the wall
a hand holding a doll in the shape of a baby's head and legs
three dolls are sitting next to each other
Super cute buns
a stuffed animal with a tag on it's neck and some nuts around it
three dolls laying on top of brown paper
Top knot girls