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Architecture, real or imaginary, as depicted by artists
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an old drawing of people standing in front of a cathedral
York Cathedral - lithograph by William Richardson & William Monkhouse @ 1850
an old drawing of a cathedral with people walking around it
Rouen Cathedral - Rouargue. 19th century engraving. Bibliotheque des Arts Decoratifs, Paris, France.
a painting of snow covered ruins and trees
IMG_8649 Carl Georg Hasenpflug. 1802-1858. Le Monastère de Walkenried. 1850. Hannover. Landesmuseum.
a horse standing on top of a stone building in the snow
Snowy bell in the old ruins, Rémy A. S. Diaz
an image of a church that looks like it is going to be built in the future
an old castle sits on the side of a mountain with moss growing around it's sides
the interior of an old church with people in it
David Roberts - part 7
ART & ARTISTS: David Roberts - part 7
an image of a painting of people in the middle of a room with columns and arches
an old painting with people on the water near a bridge and buildings in the background
Paysage avec un pont
a painting of an old building with stone floors and arches in the center is snow covered ground
Paul Cooper (@PaulMMCooper) on X
Paul 🌹📚 Cooper on Twitter: "The ruined & wintry church interiors of German artist Carl Hasenpflug (1802–1858), combining architectural observation & Gothic fantasy.…"
an artist's rendering of a pool with people swimming in it, surrounded by stone arches
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