Pigeon means a smell of happiness.They live with happiness and abundance. The pigeon symbolizes peace. With a happy family in the village, they are still…
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a white bird with long feathers on its back
Fancier pigeons – in pictures
a black and white bird standing on the ground
سینه سیاه
a gray and white bird sitting on top of a green field next to a brown wall
Pomeranian Pouter.
two white birds sitting in a bowl with sticks sticking out of it's beaks
Yuzu & Quince (formerly Snowball & Popcorn)
a black bird perched on top of a piece of wood next to a wooden floor
a pigeon in a cage looking at the ground
Coburg Lark Pigeon Pictures
a pigeon is standing on the edge of a window sill and looking at something
two white and black birds sitting on top of a wooden pole next to each other
Image - Columba livia f. domestica "Danish Suabian" (Danish Suabian)
two birds standing next to each other on the ground
Комментарии к теме
two birds with red eyes are touching each other's beaks and the caption reads, admtt t
pigeon kiss
a bird with black and white feathers sitting on the ground
2010 Grand National Pigeon Show champions
a pigeon is standing in front of a cage
Gaditano Pouter Pigeon