“Ecóute cherie”

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several anime dvds are on display in a store
۰ ⸂ぬ  ࣪˖⁩ 𝙳𝙰𝙼𝙽✸𝙻𝙸𝙻𝙰 ⋆ ࣪ 🕷 !
a woman sitting at a table in front of a wall with many framed pictures on it
an open pink suitcase with various items inside
an open book with a pink bow on it's cover next to a white sheet
two people sitting in the cockpit of a sailboat at sunset, with sails down
a person holding a book in their hands
𝑉𝑒𝑒:*゚:༅。 on Twitter
a laptop computer sitting on top of a wooden desk next to papers and coffee cup
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only you, darling, only you, babe