101 Pins
Tutorial luva em tear quadrado
a piece of art made out of yarn and wood with a tree branch as the base
encore de la laine - Filzélaine
two knitted dolls sitting next to a tree
a piece of art made out of yarn with flowers hanging from it's sides
a wooden frame with flowers on it and some wood logs in front of the photo
a colorful cat sitting on top of a brick wall
revelión: Fotos
a painting of a man with a hat on his head
Maternité by LouisToffoli
three hats are on top of each other in front of a blue sky and yellow field
griega - ������ "Imagenes para tapices"
Patrones Punto Cruz Andinos | Aprender manualidades es
a piece of art that is made out of fabric
Fern Hill
Fern Hill