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a seal on the beach with its mouth open
Estas focas que se tronchan de risa nos han alegrado el día - Cultura Inquieta
a close up of a hippo swimming in water with its head above the water's surface
20 fotografías de bebés de hipopótamo que te arrancarán una sonrisa
a close up of a seal laying in the snow
Seal in the Sun
a brown and white dog laying on top of a metal basket next to a wall
This is Hanu. She smiles every time you walk in the room. Cannot physically help herself. Good girl levels off the heckin charts. 14/10 would give unlimited noggin pats & head scritches
a close up of a dog laying on the ground with it's eyes closed
View Dog Leashes by Shkertik on Etsy
a dog laying on the floor next to a stuffed animal toy and looking at it's back
a small penguin standing on top of a cement floor next to a door and looking at the ground
a tiger sitting on the ground in front of a chain link fence with caption that reads, shva season 12
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