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an egyptian scene with two men in ancient egypt
Papiros egipcios - ¡¡Ábrete libro!! - Foro sobre libros y autores
an egyptian relief depicting the god osirit with his arm extended and holding a staff
Toth, Egipto - acredita con el establecimiento de una serie de ramas del conocimiento (la ley, la magia, la filosofía, la religión, la ciencia y la escritura). Un juez infalible puede llamar por completo de hacer decisiones justas. Los griegos lo admiraba por lo que en gran medida acreditan como el creador de todo el conocimiento en la tierra y en los cielos
an egyptian painting depicting two men in ancient egypt, one holding the other's hand
Egyptian Art
Arte egizia
an egyptian relief depicting the birth of tutan
an ancient egyptian relief depicting the god horus
Relieve del dios HORUS representado con cabeza de halcón portando la doble corona del Alto y Bajo Egipto sentado en su trono. Hijo de Isis y Osiris. Templo de Hathor en Dendera.
an ancient statue of the egyptian god amenhotephus with his head turned to look like he is holding a staff
an intricately designed piece of art with gold paint on black paper and blue background
Quetzalcoatl, serpiente emplumada, Dios del viento Alejandro (ALE) Moises Calderon -
Quetzalcoatl, serpiente emplumada, Dios del viento
the face of an old man with long hair and beard, wearing a horned helmet
Skyrim Concept art, but One day I would love to have a beard as glorious as this, thats my aim #MFC4012
the japanese samurai is holding two swords in his hand and an ink bottle next to it
ArtStation - Explore
ArtStation - 2D works during the period 2013-2016 adobe photoshop, Xiaojian liu
an image of a robot that looks like it is standing in the dark with its head turned
ArtStation - Explore
ArtStation - Gods of Egypt - Set, Jared Krichevsky
an all seeing triangle in black and white with the eye of providence on it's side
A lot of people have been asking about the meanings and inspiration behind the "Third Eye of Horus" images I have been creating recently. Below is a brief description and my thoughts on this symbol: The Eye of Ra / Horus symbol has been used since antiquity to signify the Pineal Gland. From my knowledge the Third Eye and the Pineal Gland are very different things and are not interchangeable. The Third Eye of Horus / Ra is a modified version that plays more on the dualism and triplicity of ...