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pinterest: insatiiable Más
#ModernMuse ✔️ // @staplethelabel basic tee
parallel lines always run alongside each other. from their start to their end they are side by side. my brother and sister and i are a pretty tough trio, we have been through a lot but through it all we’ve stood up for each other and stuck together. my first tattoo is a symbol for us, a representation of how no matter what happens in our start, our middles and our ends, we will always be side by side. always parallel
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Cat Paws Tattoo and like OMG! get some yourself some pawtastic adorable cat apparel!
some things you want to see are not for the beauty but for the painful reality of it all
Nah, I'ma get married and stay that way, in Jesus name, hallelu *praise dance*
Before I die, I want to ... |
Bucket list: travel to Africa and go on a safari adventure! Always been my dream! Check out for more stuff at