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a room that has some kind of blue bench in the middle of it with grass on the floor
OMA Prada cat walk
a circular table with chairs around it on a red and white carpet next to the water
芦沢啓治建築設計事務所とトラフ建築設計事務所による「大阪北港マリーナ『PARK HULL』」。湾岸のカフェやホテルのある施設の一角に計画。アップサイクルを楽しみ学べる場を目指し、遊具や家具とグラフィックを一体化させたランドスケープを構築。様々な要素は廃材も活用して製作
an overhead view of a white table and chairs on a tiled floor with a yellow light
Seat at the Table | Communication Arts
Seat at the Table | Communication Arts
people are standing in the middle of an open area with tables and chairs on it
Seat at the Table - by Dome / Core77 Design Awards
there is a vase and some books on the table
an empty room with black columns and skylights
a man is standing in an empty room next to a large piece of art that has been placed on the floor
michael heizer
a large metal object sitting in the middle of a room
Google Photos
Foto in "Georges Rousse, né le 28 juillet 1947 à Paris, un artiste, photographe plasticien français" - Google Fotos
an art piece is shown in the middle of a room with large mirrors on it
Lisson Gallery
Dan Graham: Sculptures/Pavilions | Exhibitions | Lisson Gallery
an office with pink partitions in the middle
several people walking around an outdoor sculpture in the middle of a courtyard with stone walls
Sol Lewitt, Concrete Blocks
an art installation in the middle of a room with white walls and metal partitions
Archillect on X
three people standing in front of a large red building with glass panels on the side
something beautiful