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Recuerdo para baby shower hecho con pasta flexible , elabóralo en mi canal de YouTube Lulú Mendoza-p
a black coffee mug decorated with christmas decorations
a pink cake decorated with buttons and a bunny on it's top, sitting on a table
a door hanger decorated with pink flowers and a bunny head hanging from it's side
a santa claus mug sitting on top of a table
a close up of a figurine on a blue surface with flowers in her hair
there is a cake shaped like a woman with flowers on the table next to it
Taza selena Quintanilla
Taza de porcelana fria Creaciones Luarte
a close up of a cake with a woman's face on it
Polymer Clay, 2d, Kawaii, Polymer Clay Dolls, Manualidades
a hand holding a small doll next to a wall with decorations on it and a wooden background
a person's hand holding several different types of watch and keychain charms