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a paper mask with a wolf's head on top of it, sitting on a yellow surface
Visera de lobo
Visera de lobo
there are pictures of hats made to look like alligators with big eyes and sharp teeth
Dinosaur caps. Fantastic addition to our dino role play. The children loved them! Felt pieces glued on to caps using hot glue. Idea came from Lalymom.com.
a little boy wearing a green dragon costume and pointing to the side with his hands
a paper lion hat with ears on it
Jungle Safari Theme Birthday Party Supplies & Decorations
a crocheted green and orange dinosaur head on a white sheet with yellow eyes
Touca Dinossauro em crochê | Elo7 Produtos Especiais
a blue dinosaur hat with orange horns on it's face and ears, sitting on a white surface
Dino hat
a little boy dressed up as a ghost
DIY boys Halloween costume