Tejido en cáñamo para bancas

12 Pins
an upholstered wooden bed frame with rope tied around the top and bottom posts
Patrón de trenzado del asiento de una silla:
four different pictures of the same chair with rope attached to it, and one is empty
The weaving process using paper cord on a Danish dining chair. www.rachaelsouth.com
a chair that is sitting on the floor
the back of a chair that is made out of wood and woven with rope on it
Las tecnicas de encordados, se aplican a un determinado mueble, trabajadas desde un material determinado....
a close up of a rug on the ground with a teddy bear laying next to it
Modelo cordado de silla original
a wicker chair sitting on top of a sidewalk
Realización de asiento de cuerda
a close up view of a table made out of wood and wickers on it
a wooden bench sitting on top of a gray floor
Teak entryway bench with Danish cord seat. Original design. Seats two.
a wooden chair sitting on top of a carpeted floor
a table that has some kind of woven material on top of it, with wires in front of it
"Creaciones" ~~Rosario Contreras~~