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an open book with some drawings on it and two people standing next to each other
a child's hand holding an open children's book with drawings on it
Inside the Sketchbook of Parul Arora
Parul Arora is a London-based artist, illustrator and ceramics maker, whose sketchbooks are as much a place to draw as they are a celebration of colour. Whether she is experimenting with different palettes, testing new materials, making rough sketches or finished works, every page of her sketchbook is brought to life with an abundant approach to colour. In this article, she shares how her process has evolved, and why she devotes a different sketchbook to each aspect of her practice.
children's drawing of people in different colors and sizes with faces drawn on them
Hello Beatrice Alemagna - Paperblog
a woman's head is covered in multicolored papers
I manifesti donati dagli artistiper il compleanno di Sala Borsa
this is an illustration of many people in hats and sweaters, all looking different from one another
Oh, I say!
a drawing of an elephant with birds on its back
Manon Gauthier
an art project with different colored birds on it and a person standing in front of them
manon gauthier
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Affiches, magazines, autres (commission)
an illustration of many different types of bugs
a drawing of an old street with buildings
Grafito - Calle de La Alberca
Grafito - Calle de La Alberca