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a man with tattoos on his arms and arm is wearing a t - shirt that says,
two pictures of a dog behind a fence with the caption'asi es humano '
Memes de humor: Ellos siempre se vengan de ti → #memesdivertidos…
an old yellow paper with black writing on the front and back cover, in spanish
Jesús y Moises
an image of a man in the water with a whale on his chest and text that reads, what an interesting creature?
𝔪𝔬𝔪𝔬𝔰 - #39
No puedo parar de reír, AIUDA!!
an image of the avengers in spanish
the words in spanish are very funny
Si un chico anime fuera tu...© - |Especial zhuculemntho #2 >u
an image of people and cats with caption in spanish
an image of a man in green jacket giving the peace sign with spanish words on it
an animated cartoon character is shown in the middle of two different pictures, one with blue hair
an image of animals in the jungle with words describing their names and pictures on it
18 Imágenes que te harán enojar un chingo
the princess and the frog from disney's beauty and the beast, with caption that
39 Utterly Hilarious Disney Face Swaps That Will Give You a Good Laugh
the avengers movie is shown with captioning in spanish and english, as well as an image of iron man
Jajaj..muy cierto
a comic strip with an image of the same person in spanish
Sabemos quien es la jefa.