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Creamy Chicken Penne Recipe.
@makayla_thomas_fit on tiktok Here's a delicious high protein meal you prepare for the week, whether it be for lunch or dinner. Remember a healthy lifestyle is 80% your diet and 20% workout. Enjoy cooking & Happily eating🧡
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Macro Friendly Low Calorie Cheesy Queso Chicken PinWheel Wraps
Effortless Eats for Busy Babes: Quick & Easy Meal Ideas! 🍲💁‍♀️
Transform your hectic days into a feast of flavors! 🌟 Discover easy, healthy recipes designed for busy queens like you. Click the link in our bio to unlock exclusive access to our weight loss e-book. Your journey to a healthier you starts now! 💪📚 #BusyBabeRecipes #HealthyLiving #WeightLossJourney Credit: makayla_thomas_fit
Quick & Delicious: Try This Easy Meal Recipe Today! 🍽️
Revamp Your Meals! This easy recipe is just a taste of what's inside our Weight Loss eBook. Click the link in our bio and start your journey towards a healthier you! 📚💪 Credit: makayla_thomas_fit
Low Calorie, High Protein Meal !
Start your year off strong with this low cal, high protein meal prep you’ll actually WANT to eat 🤤👏🏼 macros listed at end but adjust to fit your needs! Credit: @makayla_thomas_fit
Quick + easy, macro-friendly pinwheel lunch 🥰
Healthy Dill Chicken Salad Recipe
Tortilla hack / toaster hack
Low Cal Meal Planning Recipe! 🤤💪