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a soccer player with his hands on his hips wearing a black and white face mask
the man is standing with his hand on his mouth and looking at something in front of him
EL BICHO CR7 in 2022 | Cristiano ronaldo, Cristiano ronaldo body, Ronaldo football
EL BICHO CR7 en 2022 | Ronaldo siii, Ronaldo siiii, Cristiano vs messi
a man standing with his hand on his mouth
wallpaper - Cristiano Ronaldo
a man in a red shirt with a hat on his head giving the thumbs up
Goat Cristiano 🏆
two men standing next to a statue with a trophy on it's head and another man holding the cup above his head
three men sitting in a dressing room with their arms around each other and pointing at the camera
the soccer players are celebrating on the field
Real Madrid
a man sitting on top of two trophies in front of a stadium filled with confetti
Madridistas | Únete al Real Madrid CF