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an arabic text that reads, i sufferd learned i changed connie m respect point
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♡ [ριntєrєѕt:] : тoniakinba ♡
a sign that says i wish you knew what you mean to me and how your name plays in my head like a song on repeat when i try to sleep at night
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a forest filled with lots of trees and green moss growing on top of the ground
Франтишек Грубин Я тыщу планов отложу..
a piece of paper with the words i had a flashback of something that never tasted
From the heart, the lefty one. Say Oh.
a hand holding a black object with the words pretty face, dark soul on it
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the sky is pink and blue with white lettering on it that says, what do you think?
a black and white photo with the words don't think about it and you'll be fine
an empty road with a full moon in the background and a quote written on it
//❁✽ғorgeт тнe oneѕ тнaт ғorgeт aвoυт yoυ✽❁\\
the stars are shining in the night sky with a quote written on it that reads we got different stories and stories