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the back of a woman's stomach with a tattoo design on her lower side
a black and white drawing with words written in spanish on the bottom right hand corner
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Mereces un amor ❤ - Frida Kahlo on We Heart It
an umbrella with polka dots on it and the words para un ata girls paraguas de colores
Para un día gris, paraguas de colores
a wooden sign that says, hay dias que encillamentoe son diferentes
kebrantahuesos frases - Buscar con Google
an image of a chalk drawing on the side of a wooden wall with words written in spanish
Para un día gris, paraguas de colores. Frases de inspiración para días grises.
the spanish language is written in black and white, as well as some other words
Vadabum, lo que está pasando
a poster with the words no sabia que ponerme y me puse feliz
La desmesurada
Lámina DIY
a poster with the words'no soy raito?'and an image of a
Cada dia una sonrisa :) #LaImagenDelDia